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The Remote Sales Team Playbook: Smart, Connected, Supported.  Webinar

The Remote Sales Team Playbook: Smart, Connected, Supported. 

2020 has been a testing time for us all and keeping our businesses agile has been imperative to sustaining company growth and for salespeople around the world, across industries and sectors, the pressure to keep the momentum going despite these turbulent times has been inevitable.


From dining table offices to lounge zoom meetings, creating a flexible workforce – remotely or office-based, has been through trial, error and government restrictions.

Nevertheless, to stay competitive, any sales department, despite being forced into uncharted territories and ‘new normality’, needs support in creating a stronger team and supporting all individuals’ requirements both inside or outside of the work environment.


In this webinar you will:

  • Learn new methods to execute efficient remote working while keeping a strong sense of team spirit and sense of belonging

  • Discover how remote working is affecting mental health in your workplace and simple initiatives to help identify and combat staff wellbeing
  • Smart selling tools, technologies, and techniques for a post-pandemic market



Raoul Monks
Barry Fitzpatrick
Kitty Turner