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Expert Topic Series - Recruitment, Training & Retention

Recruitment training and retention

Sales teams are at the heart of many organisations, the more revenue they bring in the better the business does. Then why according to research, do 55% of salespeople not have the right skills to be successful in their role?

We had the privilege of speaking to:

Stephen Diorio, Managing Director at The Revenue Enablement Institute and Author of "Revenue Operations"

Andrew Hough, Cranfield PhD Researcher, NED

Where we asked all the important questions when it comes to recruitment, training & retention, this includes:


  • In your opinion, what are the best places to recruit sales staff now? (online, social media, networking, poaching?)
  • What should you do as an employer to stand out to candidates?
  • What benefits are the most desirable to candidates in the recruitment process?
  • What recommendations would you give to identify the right person in the recruitment process?
  • Are there techniques to identify the flight risk recruits? Meaning the people who will use you as a pit stop.
  • Do you think sales incentive have changed? Are people looking for a more stable base salary rather than working on commissions and bonuses?


  • What kind of training days work best for engaging sales teams?
  • What is the best way to support someone who is struggling to meet their targets?
  • How can you keep high performers engaged?
  • What happens when a person grows quicker than you can train them?
  • Do you have an example of when training a team contributed to their increased engagement?
  • How often should you be training your sales staff?
  • I’ve just hired a new member of my sales team, should sales training be part of the onboarding process?


  • What are some of the challenges when it comes to improving employee retention?
  • What are the key best practices for retention?
  • In your opinion, what are the key success factors for retaining your sales staff?
  • In your experience, can training improve retention?
  • In a post-pandemic world with many organisations offering remote or flexible working how do you see the approach of a sales leader changing so it doesn't impact retention.


  • Is employee recruitment or retention more important?
  • What are the key components of a recruitment and retention strategy?

This session is available to watch on-demand now!