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CPD Accreditation

Empowering your development

In this era of rapid technological developments, it is essential we all join educational events.

At Sales Innovation Expo, we understand the importance of your professional development to address these demands that are placed on you, and also appreciate how costly in both time and money this can be.

Sales Innovation Expo provides an unparalleled platform from which to learn about every facet behind the sales profession. The content sessions are full of knowledge and CPD accredited, enabling you to develop professionally, improve your practice and gain continued competence points.

CPD in three steps

In order to help you progress with your professional development, all seminars have been certified by CPD UK.

This means you will be able to claim your CPD points at no cost - and here is how easy it is: 

  1. When you attend any seminar or workshop make a note in your show guide to remind you which ones you attended.
  2. Post event we will inform CPD of the content and material presented at the show.
  3. You can then submit your record of attended seminar or workshop with the relevant amount of hours you are claiming to your professional body.

Employers and institutions across many industries are adopting a structured approach to learning in order to retain key staff, develop the skills and knowledge within the organisation to maintain a sustainable and competitive advantage. 

We hope that this will empower all our delegates to stay on track with their own professional development.


CPD Points Earned

It is an individual’s decision as to how much time/points/credits they claim from any programme to their CPD portfolio.

To help work out points accrued here are five basic questions:

  • What has been attended / undertaken?
  • What have you learnt?
  • What are you going to do with this knowledge?
  • When and how are you going to use it?
  • What was the learning value of what you have undertaken?

As the individual please keep a record within your CPD portfolio and attribute the overall learning value obtained within your industry sector.

Use the estimated time you spent attending a seminar session or the event (minus breaks) as an indication of eligible CPD hours / points.