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Andrew White

Andrew White

Digitisation Thought Leader and CEO, Contexta360

Andrew White is a thought leader in AI and business transformation, specifically in the disciplines of sales and marketing and how new technologies and data access are impacting these functions. Andrew has built and run large sales and marketing teams in EMEA, APAC and America over the last 20 years. He is directly involved in developing complex big-data automation and AI techniques at scale across sales, service, and support teams for some of the world’s largest brands with ‘real-life’ experience on the challenges sales leaders face internally, externally, and how the technology is impacting the sales capability and capacity landscape. Andrew has a proven track record of building high performance sales and marketing teams, and technology systems, for direct and indirect go-to-market strategies across all major geographies. He is a strategic thinker, creative and focused on executing clear plans of action and sales technology strategies to drive revenue growth.