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Seminar Programme 2023


The State of Sales Enablement in the Age of AI

30 Nov 2023
Sales Intelligence & Leadership Theatre
AI , Sales Enablement

Today’s contemporary sales landscape is in the midst of a significant digital transformation, driven by the complexity of buyer journeys and B2B customer expectations, alongside the undeniable capabilities of modern-day technology. Sales enablement and sales operation has evolved to become a critical function within organisations of all sizes and industries. It’s providing the operational backbone and muscle that can align sales content, training, and cutting-edge technology. Using extracts from the latest annual State of Sales Enablement and Operations Report, James Palmer of Seismic will explore how sales enablement is not just another cog in the wheel, but a strategic force for delivering long-term sales objectives. He’ll explain how technological developments are supporting sales teams through advanced training and coaching practices, and how platforms are bringing calm to the chaos. And he’ll examine just how the unleashed power of artificial intelligence, harnessed thoughtfully within the sales enablement ecosystem, will truly revolutionise sales efficiency and effectiveness.

James Palmer, VP of Sales - Seismic