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Seminar Programme 2023


Flipping the script on SDR attainment: 3 steps to prospecting success in a downturn

30 Nov 2023
Keynote Theatre
Leadership & Culture , Sales Tools

As a leader, supporting your Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) during challenging times is critical. Join us for an insightful session where we'll share the three key strategies you need to be aware of to help your reps succeed regardless of the market conditions.

We'll show you how to empower your team to spend more time prospecting the right accounts, have clarity on what to say and to whom, and ultimately eliminate guesswork and time sinks from their approach.

Join us and learn the three steps managers need to implement, to ensure SDRs are consistently and reliably booking high-quality meetings.

Stefano Iacono, EMEA Marketing Director - 6sense
Nate Slayton, Head of Sales Intelligence - 6sense