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Seminar Programme 2023


Building Cognism’s enterprise sales playbook

29 Nov 2023
Keynote Theatre
Leadership & Culture

In 6 years, Cognism went from an unknown startup struggling to close $4,000 deals with SMBs to a $50M+ ARR company inking $1,000,000+ contracts with Fortune 500s.

In this session, Cognism CEO James Isilay will unpack the 5 key changes that have allowed Cognism to build a thriving enterprise sales playbook.

  • Re-organising the GTM function to win our first $1m deal in 11 months
  • Using an account based model to scale from $20m to $50m ARR
  • Predictably progressing Enterprise deals with MEDDPICC methodology
  • Mandating and successfully embedding multi-threading on every deal
  • Identifying and nurturing $1,000,000 commission earning reps internally
James Isilay, CEO - Cognism