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Seminar Programme 2023


Be better motivated for better results. How to access the hidden energy in you and your team for better performance and better results

30 Nov 2023
Sales Intelligence & Leadership Theatre
Leadership & Culture

There is a direct link between high motivation and high performance. In this session, we’ll look at how you get in the flow where everything just seems to work, and you produce your best results.

As markets and customer behaviours change around us, “Business as Usual” is not sufficient. This requires us to change what we do and that takes motivation.

Our motivation is the reason we do things. It guides us to act and follow certain directions. When we are highly motivated, we have lots of energy. When this is focused properly it helps us to get things done and perform. Equally, when we feel energy ebbing away from us, we say we are unmotivated, making it hard to focus and accomplish even simple tasks.

When you attend this session, you will learn about the barriers which can limit your motivation.

We will help you recognise your own unique motivators and learn strategies to be able to access your hidden energy.

To help you sustain your learning in this session, we’ll signpost you to resources you can access resources that will help you build and maintain your motivation.

Key Takeaways:

  • What motivation really is and why it’s critical for business success.
  • Why people get demotivated.
  • What drives people as individuals.
  • How you can ensure you can get and stay motivated
  • Key strategies you can use to access hidden energy for better results.
    How to access resources that will help you build and maintain motivation
David Mason, Director - TSMA