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Seminar Programme 2023


Harness AI and digital transformation to thrive in today’s selling environment

29 Nov 2023
Sales Intelligence & Leadership Theatre
AI , Technology

A new seller experience is happening around us. Gartner research finds that when B2B buyers consider purchasing‚ they spend only 17% of that time meeting potential suppliers. How can AI and digital transformation help sales teams to evolve and thrive in this new environment?

Key Takeaways:
o Map your sales processes into four main areas and learn how data, AI, and automation can make a difference for each of them.
o Identify which form of data, AI and automation to use in each stage of the buying process.
o Discover the type of quantitative and qualitative structure you should build around your primary and secondary sales activities.
o Find out which technology can help you to strategically remove sales friction.
o Learn what the ‘Find, Engage, and Close’ sales path is, and how to guide prospects through it.

John Maguire, Regional Vice President, Sales EMEA - SugarCRM
Andrew White, Digitisation Thought Leader and CEO - Contexta360