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03 Jan 2024

Sales Recruitment: Getting it Right First Time

Sales Recruitment: Getting it Right First Time

Sales mis-hires result in lower sales, increase recruitment costs, damage morale and impact succession planning. Recent data reveals over a third of sales people changed jobs in the last 12 months.

Employee turnover rates:

73% Sales Development Representatives, 37% Account Executives, 33% Customer Success Managers, 30% Chief Revenue Officers and 21% VP of Sales, (Source: LinkedIn Talents Insights data).

Top tips for effective hiring in sales:

  • Align pay and commission correctly; benchmark employee packages using industry reports and current trends.
  • Align company and employee values for future success.
  • Plan the employee's journey from onboarding to progression points for talent retention.
  • Utilise advanced technology for thorough candidate sourcing.
  • Tap into a network of experienced sales candidates who understand your sector.
  • Conduct pre-screen video interviews with candidates to streamline your hiring process time.

Zetter Recruitment secures top sales talent for high-growth businesses ensuring significant ROI. We help our clients maximize investment by hiring right first time.

For information, testimonials or to download our Sales Salary & Department Mapping Report, explore

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