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31 Aug 2023

Engaging in Effective Discourse – A Sales Perspective

Engaging in Effective Discourse – A Sales Perspective

Sales has always been an intricate game of words– the power held by discourse is pivotal in dictating success within sales, crucial in assessing the competencies of a seller, and vital in deducing areas of improvement. Golden Rules that have held prevalence over the years include – sell but don’t be too pushy, be persuasive, but not too persuasive.

The paradox has been a complex trail to navigate with only a few in the field perfecting the art of selling.

As if this were not complicated enough, hybrid working has transformed how sellers sell with virtual selling being the dominant force in this new age. Alongside the significant changes in the mediums of interaction, methods of creating a powerful discourse too have experienced a shift.

Sales are being made quicker, and conversations are shorter. Pivoting away from the traditional ways of selling let us look at the discourse essentials that have taken prominence in this new age.

Make Conversation

Building a relationship continues to be a crucial part of selling with personalisation gaining much traction in the industry. In light of this, it is essential for sellers to tune their discourse with the purpose of building a personal relationship with their customers. While the virtual selling environment is fast paced in nature and sellers are faced with the disadvantage of lacking realness of a traditional selling environment, emphasis should be placed on establishing a personal connection with customers. A way to this could include studying the customer persona by working in collaboration with the marketing team. A better understating of consumer needs and behaviours could be key in aiding the process of personalising your pitch.


Being authentic is the essence to effectively connecting with you customers. Be your best self and lose the standard approach. Ensure you capitalise on your strengths and utilise these to reflect transparency and credibility when approaching your customer - most importantly believe in what you are selling!

Quit Distractions

While virtual selling comes with its own share of advantages, there are key drawbacks that could derail the progression made in the sales funnel potentially leading up to you losing the lead. Background chatter, noise, Wi-Fi-issues are all contributing factors that can negate the advancements made. To avoid this from happening, ensure that all external distractions are eliminated when interacting with your customer.

Video Proposals

Video proposals have taken centre stage within the realm of virtual selling. The approach is quick, flexible, and linguistically rich. With this automated angel it is possible to increase scalability, increase prospects, and eliminate barriers concerning languages. If this is a medium you currently leverage, ensure the discourse adopted in your video pitch is crisp, easy to follow, and creative.


As mentioned at the outset of this articles - ‘Sales is an intricate game of words.’  Keyword essentials for sellers should include an amalgamation of powerful and encouraging terms.

It would be imperative to include descriptive words that reflects the product or service. For instance, ‘amazing’, ‘efficient’, ‘one of a kind’.

Include a series of call-to-action words such as ‘now’, ‘act’, ‘get it’. These are effective in creating a sense of urgency hence driving the customer towards making an immediate purchase.

Other keywords should include, ‘save’, ‘exclusive’, ‘offer’ (15 Selling Words To Sell Your Products |


To sum it up, it is crucial for sellers to give importance to building a personal relationship with customers and reflect a sense of authenticity when doing so. Having said this, professionals within the industry should also consider capitalizing on new mediums of selling such as video proposals and include effective selling vocabulary to tailor their sales pitch.

Written by Nandini Arora, Content Executive at Roar B2B   

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