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Outreach Commit Stand: SIE-D50

Commit with confidence

Without a single view of pipeline health and buyer engagement signals, you can never really know the degree of risk in your forecast. Get it wrong, and the credibility of your business and your job are at risk. Outreach brings science to the “art” of forecasting. Now, you can go from commiting with anxiety to committing with confidence.

Fix pipeline issues before they become forecast surprises

Strung-together sales analytics leaves you without an objective way to measure deal health. Issues get lost in roll ups and summaries, which means unexpected slippage and losses are always lurking. Outreach Commit’s early warning system continuously inspects every deal in the pipeline and alerts you to risks before it’s too late.

Never fall short on pipeline coverage again

Having enough pipeline coverage is the essential ingredient to consistently hitting the target. But how do you know how much is enough? Without the right coverage, revenue teams become desperate to fill the gaps — and by then it is almost always too late. Outreach Commit helps you set pipeline coverage targets with confidence.