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Sales Innovation Expo
08 Sep 2021

Salesloft Introduces the Modern Revenue Workspace™

Salesloft Stand: SIE-C70
Salesloft Introduces the Modern Revenue Workspace™
Salesloft Introduces the Modern Revenue Workspace™

Salesloft today introduced the Modern Revenue Workspace™, an industry-first innovation to make selling easier, faster, and more successful for sellers and sales teams. 

Today’s companies are challenged with too many disconnected sales tools that over-promise, under-deliver, and don’t work well together. Cobbled together tech stacks, combined with spreadsheets and manual tasks, prevent sellers from doing their best work. Even with more data and software than ever, sellers struggle to get deal insights and forecast accurately.

Salesloft is building the ultimate experience for both sellers and buyers. The Modern Revenue Workspace™ leverages the company’s industry-leading Cadence, Conversations, Deals, and Analytics products with new integrated workflows that allow sellers to seamlessly work across the platform. In just a few clicks, sellers can:

  • Engage customers from Deals – sellers can make one-off calls, emails, texts, and book meetings while drilling into an opportunity.
  • Access Conversations everywhere – sellers can catch up on the most recent recorded conversations or history of interactions while on an account, contact, or opportunity.
  • Action Meeting no-shows – sellers can immediately action no-shows from the new meetings panel to make sure they can reconnect with every prospect

Read more: https://salesloft.com/company/company-news/salesloft-introduces-the-modern-revenue-workspace/