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Pipedrive doubles down on Automations with two new updates to improve sales teams' effectiveness

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Pipedrive doubles down on Automations with two new updates to improve sales teams' effectiveness
  • Automations can save up to 40% of the time spent on repetitive tasks
  • With Automations, salespeople can double the creation of sales deals and triple their deal wins.

Pipedrive's Automations is a robust feature designed to streamline and simplify sales workflows. This feature empowers users to easily design, customize, and implement automated tasks, ranging from lead management to sales procedures. Pipedrive's Automations saves salespeople time by minimizing manual labor, automating recurring tasks, maintaining consistent follow-ups, and facilitating smooth communication within their sales operations.

New Automations features include:

Easy automation sharing
Salespeople can now seamlessly create and share automations with any user on their account. These shared automations work as if the team members had personally created them, including sending emails from the correct inbox with the appropriate signature. This feature proves valuable, especially when not all team members are experienced or tech-savvy.

Effortless automation ownership transfer
Transferring ownership of automations when a teammate is unavailable can be challenging. With the latest update, admin users can easily transfer automations from one user to another with just a few clicks.

In addition, Pipedrive allows salespeople to set up automations that adapt sequences based on specific email conditions, such as recipient clicks or replies to messages. The list view simplifies the process of finding workflows by allowing salespeople to filter, search, sort, and categorize them with custom labels. Admin visibility provides admin users with full insight into workflows owned by other team members. The template homepage offers more guides for a wider range of use cases, and the improved template-building wizard helps plan sequences with delays.

Data from Pipedrive CRM users reveals that sales professionals using automations create twice as many deals and win three times as many deals compared to those who do not automate their sales processes. Furthermore, Pipedrive State of Sales and Marketing report has shown that individuals who automate tasks are 16% more likely to reach their targets. Setting up automation from a template takes just an average of two minutes, and over 40% of customers trigger at least three workflows per user, demonstrating the widespread and efficient use of automation among Pipedrive CRM users.

"Automation plays a pivotal role in sales by offering a substantial boost in efficiency, consistency, and overall productivity. Sales professionals, armed with intuitive and intelligent automation tools, become catalysts for transformative change within their organizations, elevating productivity, nurturing creativity, and accelerating business expansion. We're excited to continue refining our powerful automation features, enabling our users to build trust with their customers as they systematically guide them through the sales journey," shared Pipedrive's Chief Product Officer, Shaun Shirazian.

The Automations feature set is available to customers on Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans. To learn more about Pipedrive's Automations, visit

About Pipedrive
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