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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


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The Sales Innovation Expo is Europe’s leading event for Sales professionals to discover the latest tools, ideas and technologies to propel them to the top of their industries. The show offers you the chance to meet leading exhibitors, network with thousands of professionals and attend keynote seminars brought to you by some of the industry’s most renowned names!

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Why Attend:

Having enabled thousands of sales teams from across the globe to optimise their performance and, ultimately, their ROI, the Sales Innovation Expo is well known as Europe’s leading and favourite sales event! Why? Because we will provide you with all of the following...

Hear from industry leading sales professionals

Gain a wealth of experience, learning the tips and strategies from industry-leading sales professionals, helping you to improve your success.

Optimise your sales processes

Discover the latest tools and solutions helping you to streamline your sales processes and capitalise on the opportunities available in your industry.

Immerse yourself in the tools and ideas shaping the future of sales!
Our 2020 Exhibitors Include:

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