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10 & 11 NOVEMBER 2020


Svatopluk Sejkora: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo

Svatopluk Sejkora

Salesforce Architect  -  Aspectworks

Customer centric call centre in Salesforce

We will have a look at process of designing, creating and implementing of Call centre that will allow any business to easily collaborate with their customers. Any customer related process like order creation, claim taking, automatic routing of cases, invoice check, to name a few are supported.
We will discuss important steps that needs to be taken during decision making regarding call centre implementation. We will also have a look at typical pitfalls and discuss what can be made to minimise their impact on implementation.
We will have a look at live demo showing integration with PBX, taking of order, syncing order to ERP and case creation and its routing.

3 Key Takeaways:

• How to run effective call centre
• What are important decisions to be made when implementing call centre
• Usual issues and how to overcome them

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