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10 & 11 NOVEMBER 2020


Sean Huckstep: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo

Sean Huckstep

VP of Sales  -  SalesRabbit, Inc.

"You Can't Hit What You Can't See: Mapping Leads, Customers, and Data"

One of the biggest things preventing sales teams from consistently growing is the lack of visualization in their sales process. Too many sales teams don''t know how they''re performing and they miss easy opportunities to improve because they''re uninformed. When you start mapping out your leads, customers, and sales data, you''ll recognize those opportunities to improve. You''ll lose less leads, and you''ll better incorporate your current customers into your sales process. We''ll show you best practices that you can incorporate into your sales process and start seeing fast returns and higher performance from your teams.

3 Key take away:

- Learn how to optimize your sales pipeline and selling routes
- Build an efficient, scalable sales system
- Create a high performing sales culture and reduce employee churn.

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