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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Sam Madden: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo

Sam Madden

Head of Sales, UK & Northern Europe  -  Adverity

How to crack ROMI and other marketing fairytales...

76% of CMOs report the complexity of measuring marketing performance and sales attribution is severely impeding their ability to grow, make informed decisions and take appropriate risks.

But ever-increasing digital channels are here to stay, and the stakes have never been so high. Simply put, proving ROMI is a reality that every CMO must face.

Learn how to master that goldmine of data you have been sitting on, and unlock its full potential to clearly demonstrate the value of your marketing contribution and finally prove that ROMI really isn't the elusive fairytale you perhaps first thought it would be...

3 Key Takeways:

- Overview of the marketing tech landscape and what''s on the horizon
- Empower successful data driven decisions by fully understanding your end-to-end marketing activities
- How to crack ROMI and prove that marketing is vital to your organisation's success

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