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Prajwal Gadtaula

Prajwal Gadtaula

Business Brainz
Prajwal is founder Business Brainz, a firm that delivers highly bespoke insights about target accounts, target industries and about executives to enable your pursuits. Having done that for a global network service provider, he now is on a mission to empower more marketing and sales teams with insight they always wished they had. He delivers bespoke insight about industries, companies and executives to sales and marketing teams engaged in B2B selling and marketing. Their insight reports are key enabler for ABM (Account Based Marketing), Enterprise Sales and B2B Demand Generation. The ''Insight Company'' that he has have founded does all desk based research, which otherwise would be done by sales and marketing people. This gives them more than 10% of their time back, and leaves ''research'' to be done by those who are expert at it.