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10 & 11 NOVEMBER 2020


Phil Garlick: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo

Phil Garlick

VP, Corporate Development and Strategic Partnerships  -  Brainshark

Data, Data Everywhere… But for Sales Teams, Is It Making Any Difference?

Modern selling technologies are creating more data than ever before across the entire sales cycle. In other words: we have the info we need… somewhere. Yet today's sales and enablement professionals still struggle to make meaningful use of this data that's (seemingly) right at their fingertips.
While sales data is truly everywhere, most is difficult to assemble and hard to understand. The question is, how do you identify the sales metrics that REALLY matter? And most importantly, where do you even start?

This session will take an in-depth, look at the sales data problem, with practical ways sales organizations can translate sales metrics into real revenue outcomes.

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Key Takeaways:

- Sales dashboards vs scorecards: what's the difference?
- How sales managers can effectively utilize data to elevate coaching and 1:1 meetings
- Cohort analysis and comparisons: why it's critical to assessing sales productivity and progress
- Why benchmarks and peer comparisons are important to changing rep behaviors

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