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Ian Mills

Ian Mills

Transform Performance International
I am the CEO of Transform Performance International. We offer solutions to our client's business performance challenges. This means helping them achieve more, more quickly, Our clients have included world-renowned brands such as Virgin Media, HP and American Express. We have worked in over 50 countries and here are some examples of our work: 1. Creating a 'Distinctive Customer Experience' strategy for a famous name professional services firm where there is minimal noticeable difference between the main players 2. Providing predictive data analytics insight to transform the performance of new hires 3. Developing subject matter experts to become business consultants in an environment where the buying process is changing 4. Building the beliefs, behaviours and skills of Relationship Directors so that their clients see them as Trusted Partners I have also co-authored 3 books - '100 Big Ideas to Help You Succeed', 'The Salesperson's Secret Code' and 'The Leader's Secret Code'.