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Glenn Hewson

Glenn Hewson

Sparkstone CRM
Glenn Hewson is Sparkstone's leader for the company's CRM product line and go-to-market strategy. As a high-tech CMO for both public and private companies, he has decades of experience as both a user and implementer of CRM systems and has learned the hard way how to make a CRM system successful and deliver value. Glenn has over 30 years of marketing, product line and business development experience in the high-tech sector. Prior to Sparkstone he was a Partner at Go-To-Market, a boutique management consulting firm providing interim CMO and Sales/Marketing alignment services. Previously he held senior leadership team positions at Adept Technology, Avure Technologies, Gores Group and Peregrine Systems. He began his career at IBM. Glenn is a frequent speaker and a true believer in the value of CRM to build enterprise value across Marketing, Sales, Service and Operations.