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10 & 11 NOVEMBER 2020


David Verwey: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo

David Verwey

EMEA Vice President  -  INFUSEmedia

Building a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

A solid content marketing program should form the foundation of every companies marketing strategy, yet very few companies have successfully implemented one or feel that the one they do have in place could be improved upon.
The introduction and execution of a successful content marketing strategy allows companies to build and earn trust with their audience, by distributing content that buyers find useful and presenting it at the right time as they move through the sales funnel.
Although 41% of marketers aim to tie content to the buyer's journey, most businesses fail to produce content dedicated to each stage of the buying cycle. The fact that 85% of consumers trust solutions that guide them through the decision-making process rather than attempting to make the decision for them, while the majority of companies are focusing the majority of their attention and budgets towards the bottom of the funnel demonstrates a clear misalignment between consumers' buying preferences and companies marketing strategies.
In this seminar, we will cover the fundamentals of what makes a good content marketing strategy and how to avoid common pitfalls many companies fall victim to when executing their plan.

3 Key Takeaways:

- Understand the importance and benefits of a successful content marketing strategy
- Learn the best practices for building and executing a successful and sustainable content marketing program
- Learn common mistakes marketers make when implementing a content marketing program

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