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Anthony Parker

Anthony Parker

GM EMEA, MindTickle

Anthony joined MindTickle in March 2018 and is responsible for leading the growth of the MindTickle business across Europe. An experienced sales leader, Anthony has more than 20 years experience with dynamic startups like Telstra and MindTickle, and large organisations including Oracle, Verizon & Siemens.

Anthony's team is focussed on bringing success to their global clients, with a focus on the leading indicators that impact sales performance; Knowledge, Skills & Coaching Execution. Working with some of the largest and most ambitious sales organisations in the world today, with a market leading platform and approach that helps sales leaders and enablement executives measure and manage the impact of their key programs against the key revenue-generating metrics.

Anthony is currently GM at Mindtickle, who have recently achieved “Unicorn” status, and has previously launched and scaled early-stage software companies in EMEA.

He is also a Sales Coach working with AEs in many of the Fastest-Growing SaaS businesses.