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Social Media Accounts, Handles & Hashtags

If you are new to social or don’t do much of it we've put together a guide to run you through the basics and essentials you need to know for best practice posting about your presence at the event:


Social Media is a brilliant promotional tool to communicate to your target audiences quickly and widely. There are great opportunities to be had within social media and all our shows have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages so please utilise our websites, handles and hashtags so you can keep your customers updated with the progress of the show. 

Don’t forget when posting to include any hashtags relating to your products or service alongside our hashtag and handles.

We aren’t just about sharing our own content so if you tag our handles @SalesInnovExpo we’ll share and retweet your posts too. Please note: we endeavour to share as much content as possible, but we must ensure that we share information about a range of different products, services and companies meaning we can’t share everything, all the time.





Don't forget to use your unique tracking code in all of your marketing activity; outbound emails, email shots and newsletters, PPC adverts, social posts etc. As an added bonus we will tally your registrations every time the code is used, and if you’re top for registrations by the event you can look forward to a meal on us!

Your unique tracking code https://www.salesinnovationexpo.co.uk/welcome?utm_source=


Please see below some guidance on what you might like to post about. 

  • You can choose to promote any special offers, news or other information about your company and what to expect from you at the event.
  • Keep in mind character lengths for each social channel and optimal image dimensions.
  • Don’t forget to include any hashtags relating to your products or service.
  • And don't forget to tag in the the event handles and hashtag.

Short examples to follow: 

Welcome Post:
The team at @YOUR_COMPANY couldn’t be happier to be exhibiting at @EVENT. Have a chat with them on Stand 1234 if you want to know more about XXXXXXX #EVENT

Special Offer Post: 
Exclusive offer at @EVENT. Come and see @YOUR_COMPANY at Stand 1234 to win XXXXXX #EVENT 

Information Post:
@YOUR_COMPANY are experts on XXXXXX Visit them at Stand 1234 @EVENT #EVENT 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the marketing team marketing@roarb2b.com.