Ezone Launches, Prizes, Competitions & Giveaways

Sales Innovation Expo

We're interested in hearing from you if you have plan to do any product launches at the event so we can help you get maximum exposure and attentions.

We're also interested in hearing about any unique experiences or entertainment on your stand and if you plan to run any competitions with prizes or giveaways that we can promote to the visitors. 

Let us know and send over full details and any imagery that can used in promotional activity and don't forget to let us know your stand number so we can let visitors know where to go! Send your information to marketing@salesinnovationexpo.co.uk 


Launching a new product at the event is the best way to maximise exposure and connect directly with consumers and increase sales as the majority of attendees want to see new products and are in a position to buy.

As well as generating sales, it's also a perfect way to conduct valuable market research with a knowledgeable, captive audience, in person, ready to test your new product.


If you have any unique point of difference on your stand then let us know. Whether you have anything customised, an interactive booth, entertainment such as a  performance, special guest, photo booth or game then send over the details and we'll look to promote it to visitors ahead of the event. 


If you're running any competitions with prizes and giveaways that are quirky or big ticket items that will draw attention then let us know and we'll look to promote it to visitors. 

From big ticket items like drones and headphones, or corporate discounts through to top merch like laptop skins, socks, sunglasses, even Rubik's cubes; we're looking for stand out items that will catch the eye and entertain visitors and draw them to your stand.