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Salesbook is a next-generation platform supporting direct sales. It consists of an application launched on the tablet and an administration panel available through the WWW, thus implementing the idea of Sales Acceleration. Tablet user is a salesman. He has at his disposal in one place all sales materials and tools that help in product presentation, collecting information about customer needs and submitting an offer. On the side of the administration panel, Salesbook provides monitoring and analytical tools that allow sales processes managers to make adequate decisions. Salesbook works best in consultative sales to both the B2B and B2C segments. It makes it easier for the seller to conduct a business conversation, increases its effectiveness and automates reporting to any CRM system. The platform also records the course of a sales conversation in real time and provides reports allowing for its qualitative analysis. Salesbook: • HELPS to increase the effectiveness of a business conversation. • ENABLES the customer to quickly understand the benefits • MONITORS the activity and quality of the work of salespeople • ANALYZES what the customer was interested in from the offer received on the e-mail • INFORMS managers how the best sellers work • TURNS average dealers into good ones More than 50,000 salesmen and managers from all over the world use Salesbook in their everyday activities, including companies such as OVB, Fortum and BMW.


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