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ConnectAndSell helps B2B companies boost their sales pipelines 5-8x. Here`s who we are: • At ConnectAndSell we believe that when it comes to B2B sales, conversations matter. We are dedicated to bringing back the world`s best sales tool, the telephone, and coupling it with the power of our patented sales-acceleration platform, which frees each sales representative to focus solely on having those all-important conversations with decision makers. • Since 2007, ConnectAndSell has helped thousands of B2B companies, ranging from small startups to large enterprises, boost their sales pipelines as much as 5-8x. We`ve made more than 165 million dials on behalf of our customers, resulting in more than 10 million sales conversations. • ConnectAndSell has been featured in Forbes` `Top 10 Innovative Companies to Watch in 2016` and Inc. Magazine`s online list of `18 Tech Companies to Get Excited About` (3/30/16), and has been the winner of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals` "Service Provider of the Year" award for the past six years. Here`s how ConnectAndSell can solve your company`s sales challenges: • It`s true that ConnectAndSell can free your reps from dialing, but we aren`t selling just another auto-dialer. Our cloud-based technology and global network of highly trained agents relieve B2B reps of the tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating work of navigating through gatekeepers, interactive voice response systems, phone trees, and voicemail. • Because decision makers are hard to reach on the phone, most reps will give up after a few dial attempts. What we do at ConnectAndSell is get the decision makers on the phone for them. ConnectAndSell agents never speak to your prospect. Once the prospect says `Hello, George Smith here,` your rep is injected into the conversation in 1/5 of a second. • ConnectAndSell allows reps to talk to more decision makers in 90 minutes than they would in a week or more of conventional dialing. When a rep is ready to have a sales conversation, all they have to do is press `Go,` wait two to three minutes, and then start talking to a decision maker. • Reps can be 100% focused on selling, since CRM data entry and follow-up scheduling is fully automated with ConnectAndSell. • Productivity skyrockets because reps never miss making referral and follow-up calls and, using ConnectAndSell`s teleprompter capability, they know exactly what to say during follow-up conversations. • With ConnectAndSell`s Sales Velocity Framework™, managers can receive `just in time` alerts to monitor sales reps` calling efforts, allowing for early coaching before resources are wasted on bad lists, ineffective messaging, or gaps in rep skills. • ConnectAndSell`s InstantResponse™ function makes sure inbound inquiries get a call-back in less than five seconds, with zero sales effort and no excuses, avoiding the typical response time of hours or days later, which often misses a prospect`s moment of interest about your company.


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Los Gatos
United States
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