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Here’s who we are:

At ConnectAndSell, we believe that when it comes to B2B sales, conversations matter. We are dedicated to bringing back the world’s best sales tool — the telephone — and coupling it with the power of our patented sales-acceleration platform, which frees each sales representative to focus solely on having those all-important conversations with decision-makers. 

Since 2007, ConnectAndSell has helped thousands of B2B companies, ranging from small startups to the largest enterprises, systematically boost their sales pipelines as much as 5–8x. We’ve made more than 500 million fully-navigated dials on behalf of our customers, resulting in tens of millions of sales conversations.

ConnectAndSell has been featured in Forbes’ “Top 10 Innovative Companies to Watch” and Inc. Magazine’s online list of “18 Tech Companies to Get Excited About,” and has been the winner of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals’ Service Provider of the Year award every year for the past seven years.

Here’s how ConnectAndSell can solve your company’s sales challenges:

It’s true that ConnectAndSell can free your reps from dialing, but we aren’t selling “yet another auto-dialer.” Our cloud-based technology and global network of highly trained agents relieve B2B reps of the tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating work of navigating through gatekeepers, interactive voice response systems, phone trees, and voicemail.

Because decision-makers are hard to reach on the phone, most reps will give up after a few dial attempts. What we do at ConnectAndSell is get the decision-makers on the phone for them. ConnectAndSell agents never speak to your prospect. Once the prospect says “Hello, George Smith here,” your rep is in a  conversation with a decision-maker — instantly.

ConnectAndSell allows reps to effortlessly  talk to more decision-makers in 90 minutes than they would in a week or more of conventional dialing. When a rep is ready to have a sales conversation, all they have to do is press “Go,” wait a few minutes, and then start talking to a decision-maker.

Reps can be 100% focused on selling, since CRM data entry and follow-up scheduling is fully automated with ConnectAndSell.

Productivity skyrockets because reps never miss making referral and follow-up calls and, using ConnectAndSell’s teleprompter capability, they know exactly what to say during follow-up conversations.

With ConnectAndSell, managers get real-time, precision information to monitor sales reps’ calling activity and results, allowing for early coaching before a rep falls into a slump and resources are wasted on bad lists, ineffective messaging, or gaps in reps’ skills.

ConnectAndSell’s Flight School transforms any sales professional — whether sales development reps or full-cycle account executives — into confident and competent phone prospectors. And, unlike traditional sales training, Flight School students have real conversations and generate measurable pipeline during their training.


50 University Ave.
Suite B-310
Los Gatos
United States
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