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Confident Approach AB

CONFIDENT APPROACH - CHANGING THE WORLD OF SALES Confident Approach is a consulting business service provider that is primarily focused on helping companies improve their sales productivity. Within that focus, we have specialized in two key areas: 1. Precise research of psychological barriers that can be identified at some stage of sales prospecting or business development process, experienced by many sales people and professionals in contact dependent situations. 2. Initiating behavioral change programs which can quickly and effectively eliminate those barriers once they have been properly diagnosed. Originally founded in 1997 in Sweden, we are official representative of the Behavioral Sciences and Research Press Inc. (company based in Dallas, Texas, US) in Europe and over the years we have succeeded to develop extensive network of consultants and partners in different European countries. Throughout our history, we have successfully balanced good science, sound psychological applications and excellent customer service and support. Our Values - Building up a PRO-ACTIVE Sales Culture: Over the last 30 years psychologists and researchers we work with, have opened many of the complexity of human nature, and created highly-validated assessments that enabled every CEO and Sales Managers to create a blueprint of how to eliminate many of the common problems they encounter with their employees. Our core values are based on professional and caring approach throughout the process of providing a scientific knowledge to our customers and helping them to build up a Pro-Active sales culture. Business areas & problems that we tackle: Our applications and methods are used in many industries and settings such as: financial services including banking, mortgage banking, telecommunications, software development, computer manufacturing, pharmaceutical, insurance, automobile, real estate, agriculture, consulting, human resources, psychological counseling, and many other areas. We precisely help companies: 1. To select and recruit higher sales performers 2. To understand strengths and weaknesses in their departments 3. To enable their employees who are in contact with customers prospect more, achieve their targets and increase revenue. Product & Services Offered: Tools, products and methodologies that we combine with over 30 years of experience in management consulting, psychology, recruitment and training are based on scientific academic research and acknowledged by SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology). Products and Services that we offer are as follows: Assessment 1. SPQ Gold - Sales Preference Questionnaire 2. SSPA - Selling Style Profile Analysis 3. LNQ - Leadership Networking Questionnaire 4. MPQ - Meeting People Questionnaire 5. JSI - Job Seeking Index 6. CSI - Career Style Inventory Training Confident Approach can help you to directly influence selling behaviour, selling styles, and most importantly, overcome emotional barriers of sales force representatives by providing specifically designed workshops and coaching. Some of them are: 1. Fear Free prospecting and self promotion workshop 2. Style Logix - Sales Effectiveness workshop 3. Scientific Sales Selection - Workshop for Recruitment 4. Sales Management Training Workshop - Accreditation workshop 5. Personal Best - Individual Coaching for managers or Sales representatives Consultancy Regardless of your company size and different stages of business development, Confident Approach can offer you a customized services designed and tailored exclusively to meet your specific requirements. Some of the consulting services offered are: 1. Recruitment Process Development 2. Candidate Screening and Selection 3. Sales Team Development Program 4. Sales Team Audit


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