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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


80/37 Solutions

Growth solutions focussed on building success through understanding yourself and your people better.

80/37 Solutions is a value driven, family orientated Growth Consultancy Business. However we try to look at growth in the broadest sense possible.

Our business has 2 components:

- Route 80/37 offers responsible growth consultancy with a focus on achieving high performance based around a creating a unique culture, built on trust & respect with you and your people. We are 100% confident that by improving your organisations understanding of its people, you can create a supportive, sustainable culture where everyone can thrive and everyone feels comfortable that they have a part to play. Through a better awareness of areas such as Mental Health Issues, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Learning and Development programs and wider training interventions you will create the right foundations for your business and its peoples successes for years to come.

- 80/37 Sales Solutions offers Experienced Sales Training Packages and Field Marketing Solutions specifically targeted at the FMCG market.

During our time at the 2020 Sales Innovation we are excited to be exhibiting and discussing our new concept, Route 80/37, which aims to build a better understanding of Mental Health Awareness and the conversation that surrounds it. Our aim is to create a cultural shift, where we understand ourselves and our colleagues beyond what is on the surface, supporting an open and honest environment for all. This culture shift will be supported by our amazing new EQ product, Archeotype. A product that when adopted, will change the fabric of your organisation, offering an avenue to explore how honest meaningful conversation and choice discussion can develop into a roadmap for understanding who you and your people are as individuals, as a team, as a business. This in turn will allow for true responsible growth everybody, regardless of circumstance or position.

We would love to invite you into this conversation. So please search us out and come have a chat.

Tel: 0044 1382819029

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