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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


The Sales Innovation Expo Awards 2019

Recognising the very best in sales technology and services.

Following the success of last year, the expo will once again be hosting the Sales Innovation Awards - a collection of accolades recognising the innovation and cutting-edge solutions and technologies currently available in the sector, which are optimising sales performance.

This is an incredible opportunity for our visitors to take their industry knowledge beyond the present and into the future, and gain that crucial upper hand in an increasingly competitive market! In all there are four awards up for grabs, with our panel of distinguished judges deciding which exhibitors should walk away with these prestigious awards, after each finalist has showcased their product or service in front of a live audience on the show floor!

Make your way to the Awards Area and witness first-hand the future of the industry!

Best Sales Enablement Platform

Sales Technology of the Year

Best Sales Enablement Platform - 27th March 11:00

This award celebrates the leading providers of the solutions empowering sales teams and enabling the outbound process - from leads generated through machine and web based analytics to human-led insights.

2019 Winner

  • Stand No: 2570

  • 2019 Nominees

  • Stand No: 2572

  • Stand No: 2584

  • Stand No: 2764

  • Stand No: 2786

  • Sales Technology of the Year - 28th March 11:00

    This award is open to providers of the most innovative sales technologies on the market. From sales acceleration, customer relationship management solutions, omni-channel sales automation and analytics to sales enablement, gamification, sales presentations and demonstrations; the finalists for this award will offer cutting-edge solutions for the future.

    2019 Winner

  • Stand No: 2548

  • 2019 Nominees

  • Stand No: 2782

  • Stand No: 2686

  • Stand No: 2586