2021 Seminars

Sales Innovation Expo

Why are Salesforce customers moving to HubSpot?

16 Nov 2021
Sales Engagement Theatre

Salesforce was devised over 20 years ago and is now the default for B2B businesses looking to deploy a cloud-based CRM platform. However, technology has moved on and it's time for the next wave of CRM. As the name suggest, Salesforce.com has its routes in salesforce management - providing a platform for salespeople to manage sales opportunity and customer data so that sales managers can run sales performance reports. For the salesperson, such platforms proved to "take" more than "give" and the CRM promise was rarely delivered.

Now, however, a new generation of CRM technology is emerging - exemplified by HubSpot - which is easy to use, adds value for the end-user and genuinely integrates marketing, sales and service, to support the full customer journey.

In this seminar, Andrew Shaw describes the challenges that organisations have faced in deploying CRM, how those challenges can be overcome and he explains the business case for moving to the next generation of CRM technology.

Seminar Takeaways: 

  • Understand what good CRM technology looks like
  • Avoid the common pitfalls in implementing CRM
  • Build the case for change


Andrew Shaw, Director of CRM Consulting & Services - Axon Garside
Axon Garside