2021 Seminars

Sales Innovation Expo

Sales Engagement - Buyers vs Sellers

17 Nov 2021
Sales Engagement Theatre

What is Sales Engagement? What has driven its massive adoption? Is it really something you can benefit from? Do you really need it?!

Adding a new piece of technology to your sales stack is disruptive and you want...nay...need to know what you’re in for. And, before you venture down this road, you also really need to understand how buyers buy, and how sellers sell! 

So here’s your chance to get all of your pressing sales engagement questions answered. Join Darryl Praill, Chief Revenue Officer of VanillaSoft for a rapid-fire, non-stop, entertaining conversation where you’ll learn all of the inside information you need from someone who not only knows the industry inside-out, but uses the technology himself - every...single...day! Bring your toughest questions - Darryl is up for the challenge!

Darryl Praill, Chief Revenue Officer - VanillaSoft