2021 Seminars

Sales Innovation Expo

How the Battle Between Sales & Marketing is Impacting the Buyer

17 Nov 2021
Sales Innovation Keynote Theatre

All too often marketing and sales battle to agree what's needed to engage a buyer - sales tools, content, training and the list goes on.  Any organizational dysfunction impacts the buyer experience leaving them feeling their needs and expectations are far from met.

Lack of communication between sales and marketing leave an organization with only a partial understanding of the buyer. What's worse, each side believes only they truly understand the buyer, and each discounts the potential value created by their other.

Buyers who receive this inconsistent brand experiences and messaging are left confused, disappointed and disengaged

Join Bigtincan as we discuss:

  • Wasted investment in content that results from these functional silos
  • Loss in sales efficiency as sellers create their own versions
  • How sales enablement can break down barriers, leading to:
    • Delivery of content that engages
    • Increased sales efficiency and productivity
    • Brand integrity
    • Valued buying experiences
Adam Weekes, Regional Sales Manager, EMEA - Bigtincan
Mads Bjarni-Kornbech, Regional Head and VP of Global Marketing, Life Sciences - Bigtincan