2021 Seminars

Sales Innovation Expo

From Tragedy to Triumph: How to Embrace the Benefits of Change

16 Nov 2021
Sales Innovation Keynote Theatre

Barry will address his own personal battle with Mental Ill Health that eventually forced him to accept the changes required to move forward and thrive in his personal and professional life.

Through examining these personal learnings and Barry's organisational expertise, we will invite an open conversation around how adopting a growth mindset within your business can ensure you create a lasting culture of people development and organisational success.

In this seminar you will:

- Acknowledge the positive outcomes that flourish with adopting major change

- Better understand how developing a strong organisational culture will develop your business

- How to get the best out of your people through creating this unique culture based on their wellbeing and development.

Barry Fitzpatrick, Managing Director - Route 80/37
Route 80/37