2021 Seminars

Sales Innovation Expo

From Boardroom Strategy to Seller Behaviour: Why Intelligent Revenue is the Future of Sales

17 Nov 2021
Sales Intelligence Theatre

Hitting sales targets is always on revenue leaders' minds, yet the majority of them aren't confident in their ability to do so. Meeting or exceeding sales targets requires sales teams to flawlessly execute on prospecting, progressing deals, and driving revenue. And leadership teams need to design and deliver the tools, territories, quotas, and incentives they need to do it.

The reality is businesses can and do crush their numbers, and they're doing it regularly. How? With Intelligent Revenue.

Intelligent Revenue is a new approach to creating the resilience that your business needs to grow profitably and predictably, regardless of changes in the market. It not only considers the boardroom strategy for business growth, but also the operating system to drive seller behaviour.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • What Intelligent Revenue is and why it is so important
  • How innovative revenue leaders are changing the game and bringing in more revenue, faster
  • How to create profitable, predictable, and resilient revenue for your business
Noel Patton, Stategic Accounts Director - Xactly Corporation