2021 Seminars

Sales Innovation Expo

Waging War on Average: How to Enable Reps To Be Exceptional

16 Nov 2021
Sales Enablement Theatre

When it comes to sales reps, there are many leaders who manage towards 'average'. But is 'average' really what we should be striving for?

Average doesn't enable you to identify and retain top talent, and it often means leaving money on the table.

In this session, Marcus Oulds, RVP EMEA, Salesloft will share how to:

  • Identify your sellers strengths, and draw on these so that, as a team, you consistently hit quota
  • Leverage technology to enhance productivity and efficacy
  • Attract, coach and retain top talent.

Join us for 25 minutes of insights and actionable tips on how to enable your team to excel.

Marcus Oulds, RVP, EMEA - Salesloft