2020 Programme

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Critical Technology Competencies That Shape Customer Experience and Grow Revenue

11 Nov 2020
Sales Innovation Expo Theatre 3

No matter how you generate business, Customer Experience (CX) is at the top of the CEO's agenda. Great CX has proven to increase revenue, create repeat business and drive in referral customers. Great CX is mission critical - your true north. Bad CX drives your customers to the competition. CRM is not enough, even if configured properly.

In this session you will learn critical technology competencies to help you to shape your company's CX and to grow revenue.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Whether B2B or B2C, your customers are constantly experimenting with how they discover and consume products/services and how they engage with you. And the interactions they have with your company along the way—their experience—is just as important as your goods or services
  • Connected data and shared intelligence will provide a single point of truth to deliver the connected experience that will set your business apart
  • CRM by itself is not enough, but it, connected with your back office systems and other applications, can help you to create targeted messages, empower employees to understand and maintain context of customer conversations and enable a seamless customer continuum from Marketing to Sales to Customer Support
Glenn Hewson - Sparkstone CRM