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28-29 March 2017

ExCeL London

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  • Sales Innovation Expo: Top Sales World Village

    Top Sales World Auditorium

    Top Sales Auditorium contains a 250 seat auditorium which will host an exclusive schedule of seminars throughout both days of the show.

    We are also creating a large VIP Lounge for the exclusive use of our sponsors, speakers and their guests. It will be an ideal venue for exhibition visitors to meet with the TSW keynote speaking team.

    We are bringing together arguably the most significant group of sales experts ever assembled outside of Dreamforce. Our team is truly international and will arrive from Australia, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, the US and the UK of course.


    10:30-11:05Deb Calvert Transcending the Transaction: Are You Enabling or Disabling Customer Connections?
    11:15-11:50Tamara Schenk How To Set-Up “Customer-Core” Enablement Strategies To Drive Outstanding Performance
    12:00-12:35Joanne Black Stop Cold Calling: Get the One-Call Referral Meeting
    12:45-13:20Russell Acton Disappearing World - A practical ‘survival guide'' for a modern day Enterprise Sales Person
    13:30-14:05Barb Giamanco Social Selling to the C-Suite
    14:15-14:50Tiffani Bova Being A High Performing Sales Organization Requires A Hard Reset On Conventional Thinking
    15:00-15:35Bernadette McClelland Conscious Selling And The Art of Commercial Conversations
    15:45-16:20Rick Baker Building Efficacy Amidst the Rising tide of Efficiency
    16:30-17:05Colleen Francis Nonstop Sales Boom: Putting an End to Boom-and-Bust Sales Cycles
    17:15-17:50Christian Maurer The terms B2B and B2C have become obsolete, haven`t they?


    10:30-11:05Cian McLoughlin Rebirth of the Sales Industry
    11:15-11:50Stephen Jones How to reliably predict sales performance
    12:00-12:35Jonathan Farrington and Etien D'Hollander Mobile Sales … Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
    12:45-13:20Dr Tony Alessandra How to Read a Customer Like a Book
    13:30-14:05Jason Jordan Sales Management and CRM: A Match Made in Heaven or Hell?
    14:15-14:50Jim Cathcart `Increase Your Success Velocity™`
    15:00-15:35George Bronten Can checklists save the sales profession?
    15:45-16:20Tony Hughes The Great Sales Disruption And What To Do About It
    16:25-17:00Erik Peterson Good Intentions, Wrong Instincts: A Counterintuitive Approach to Message Differentiation

    To avoid disappointment, please pre-book your seat for any (or all) of the keynote presentations.