Toby Fellows

Lead Forensics

Tobias Fellows is the Director of the Lead Forensics UK Sales channel. He focuses on providing world class business solutions to thousands of organisations on a global platform.

Since joining Lead Forensics in 2012 Toby has taken the UK Sales force from 12 heads to over 100, providing up to 1500 demonstrations each month to UK and European businesses. Using the Lead Forensics tool, his team collaborate with over 200 companies per month, allowing them to benefit from substantial increased revenue success!

Toby’s dedication to mentoring and driving his sales team has been instrumental in the 1 £billion pounds of additional sales revenue generated every year by Lead Forensics customers’.

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GDPR will be in force from the 25th May – do you know how the new regulation will affect your B2B sales? Toby Fellows, UK Sales Director, Lead Forensics will be joined by Lilah Waite, Global Marketing Director, Lead Forensics to cover the aspects of GDPR that you must know and prepare for. As the leader of a team of highly successful sales professionals, Toby is perfectly placed to give actionable advice and practical tips to ensure your B2B sales strategies are optimised and successful both now and after GDPR comes into force.