Tobias Barvik

Glitch Studios

I started out as a film producer/ director in the Norwegian offshore industry back in 98, which was when I first was exposed to Virtual Reality. Later in my career I moved on to documentaries, and writing for TV and theatre. Becoming a father, I started working as film producer/ director for the Norwegian Cancer society. I took a year off to write a screenplay, before taking the role as Creative Director at Molte, with a focus on CGI 2D and 3D production and storytelling. In 2014, we started playing with virtual Reality and augmented reality. This led to the birth of Glitch Studios, a branding and marketing VR / AR studio in Oslo, London and Istanbul.

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – The new B2B sales solution

Some products are just too heavy to be dragged into a sales meeting, while others are two complex, or they haven’t even been built yet. With new and immersive technologies, like VR and AR, comes a new paradigm in b2b sales, where showrooms become obsolete, and clients get to experience the product up close and personal from the comfort of their office chair.