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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Jim Preston: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo

Jim Preston

Director of Mid-Market Sales  -  Showpad

Why sales enablement is emerging to improve the broken buyer journey

What buyers need and when is evolving. They want relevant information at the right time, and expect knowledgeable and consultative reps to provide solutions to their problems. As organisations look to streamline the way they sell to meet customer needs and expectations at every stage of the sales cycle, the role of sales enablement is emerging to help them create better buyer experiences and ultimately, sell more and more often.
The best buying experiences are built on a foundation of sales excellence: smart and skilled sales reps who bring value, in the form of relevant information and insights, to buyers. And more companies than ever are turning to sales enablement to bring this excellence about in their sales organizations.
Drawing on findings from its latest survey of B2B buyers, Showpad’s Director of Mid-Market Sales, Jim Preston, will discuss why the role of sales enablement is becoming a cornerstone of proven sales success, will identify trends of today’s B2B buyers and how reps can ensure they become a repeat customer.
He will provide guidance on how sellers can use sales enablement to build a personalised buying experience by customising content and experiences to the individual buyer’s needs and industry, so that they not only win the deal, but also get the buyer coming back again and again.

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