Robin Griffiths

BPM Works Limited

Robin’s background includes Director of Projects at industrial group Birmid Qualcast and Founder and Director of Cambridge Consulting Engineers. Robin then went on to found Force12 Software and led the company for 6 years; securing £3.2m in venture capital funding and establishing operations in the USA and Europe. Robin left Force12 in early 2004 to found BPM Works.

Robin is an expert in product proposition and go-to- market messaging development. He has alsodeveloped programs for some of the world’s leading companies to equip sales people with the knowledge they need, on customers and propositions, to be more successful. Robin is at theforefront of the latest thinking on the application of digital technologies to sales enablement.

Robin has a First Class Honours Degree in mechanical engineering from King’s College London and a Masters Degree from Glasgow University.

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Digital Sales Enablement New ways to improve sales performance

Building on his recent blog series, Robin will explore how some of the key challenges faced by sales leaders, in improving sales performance, can be addressed using the latest digital technologies. Challenges discussed will include: how to equip sales people with the ideas, insights and messages they need to pivot customer conversations from products to value; how to get sales people to prepare their thinking before meetings and calls.