Robert Dagge


Robert Dagge is Managing Director at Dynistics and drives the business intelligence company’s significant growth strategy. He spearheads and manages both technology and commercial growth in new markets and new geographies, forging relationships with customers and partners and recruiting and developing its people.
He has over 15 years of experience of new markets, expanding customer base, significantly increasing revenue and improving brand positioning through strategic sales and marketing initiatives. Extensive experience and understanding of the nuances of selling into and out of Enterprise, SME & Start-Up’s companies in the EMEA and North American Technology, Professional Services, Human Capital Management, Utility, Mobile and Financial Services markets.

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There’s Nothing Artificial About Intelligence

Everyone is excited about AI and the technological advances on the horizon, as they should be. But organisations are already sitting on a colossal amount of intelligence, which in many cases is an untapped goldmine for maximising your pipeline and strengthening opportunities.
Those who understand their business inside out will be better placed to plan for the advances of the future. What can you do right now?