Mark Erskine

Seller Performance Ltd

Mark combines 30 years of sales leadership with behavioural and psychometric profiling, business coaching and
mentoring, facilitation skills and training and development techniques to offer an arsenal of world-class tools. His
mantra is revenue growth through focus on people – accelerated by proven sales processes.
Mark delivers change across a variety of complex vertical markets. He is passionate about the use of behavioural
and psychometric profiling in selling to affect change in individual and team performance and is licensed and
accredited for some of the world’s most respected tools to deliver that change. His raison d’etre is to identify new
strategies and build the sales team’s capability to put them in motion.
As an Independent Sales Consultant for Miller Heiman, having used their methodologies for over 20 years, he
uniquely provides a powerful combination of sales and people process to deliver the results organisations need in
a rapidly evolving sales world

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Adapt your selling style - or risk finishing runner-up!

Buying processes have been transformed in recent years and yet sales people and leaders have failed to adapt.
The rise of professional procurement, the shift to internet buying, longer sales cycles, complex decision making
processes combined with a requirement to problem solve rather than solution sell, means sellers need to adapt
their selling style or fall behind the performance curve. Understanding neuroscience and managing your
behavioural style is the key.