Mandy Evill & Aleksandra Wrzos

Thinking into Results

Mandy and Aleks are both highly successful and influential speakers, mindset and success coaches. They are top consultants
here in UK of Bob Proctor and are personally mentored by him. Bob Proctor is renowned for being the world master in prosperity and success. Together Mandy and Aleks deliver the powerful programme `Thinking into Results` to corporate, small businesses and individuals all across the UK. The transformational coaching programme supersedes all other coaching
interventions and goes right to the primary cause of results and success to create permanent results. Mandy and Aleks will explain exactly what it is that stops people reaching and exceeding targets and goals and getting exactly what they want.

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Learn what stops most business’s from reaching their true potential, why sales teams are not flying high month on month.
Why is it some perform so well and other struggle in the shallows despite trying harder and harder. There is no secret to
achieving high. There is no mystery in gaining massive growth that defies logic. Learn the secret that is generally not known in the wider circles of business growth or sales training, the one thing that will hold you back or take your business to the next level.