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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Kerry Nutley: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo

Kerry Nutley

Sales Excellence

Defining the front office operating model to maximise sales and effectiveness.

Organisations of all sizes are often clear about why customers should buy from them. However, understanding how this translates into the ''how and the what'' of the front office can be hard to articulate. Often the front office operating model is created through chance objectives of Sales, Marketing, IT and HR; rather than an aligned strategy. Therefore, can you say with confidence your front office operating model is aligned from your sales strategy, channels to market, customer differentiated experience, processes, systems all the way through to your sales leadership, sales capability, remuneration and culture? A clearly aligned operating model can help maximise return and sales effectiveness by focusing you on the interactions and customers that count. This session will walk through the layers of a front office operating model to challenge your thought process, asking ... is your front office operating model fully aligned?

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