Karen Dunne-Squire

The Industry's No.1 Business Growth Expert

Karen Dunne-Squire MD and Creator of Elation Sales is a leading sales expert who specialises in getting the most out of your people. As well as setting up and running two of the South West’s leading sales businesses, she is also the creator of the unique Three Pillars of Successful Selling methodology which is fast becoming the UK’s most effective business growth tool.

Karen works specifically with companies who have ambitious sales and growth plans to embed high performing cultures and tailored Three Pillars methodologies in their businesses. In this workshop she will share with you her specific approach to assessing your sales team’s culture and how you can enhance this to deliver real success.

Understanding how to create a team that thrives on its own success and is truly accountable is the key to driving constant growth and through this seminar you can learn quick and effective ways to drive higher performance in your business.

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Developing a truly high performing team is the challenge of any sales operation and so often the most important element is ignored. In the absence of a strong culture no team can reach their full potential. The environment in which your team performs is fundamental to creating their success. In this seminar you will learn what defines a powerful sales success culture and how you can create and embed one in your business.