John McGarry


John is a Certified Sales Consultant for LinkedSelling. LinkedSelling is one of the America’s top B2B lead generation agencies. In 2016 it was in the top 250 Fastest growing private companies in the US with a turnover of over $2.4 million. For over 5 years John has been generating leads for both B2B and B2C using initially Facebook and now LinkedIn. John has helped generate leads for businesses in many sectors such as HR , Finance & Dentistry. John also is the founder of the LinkedIn group “B2B Business Growth through Social Selling”

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B2B Social Selling template

B2B companies , coaches and consultants can generate leads using Social Selling. In this seminar I will outline from start to finish a template for Social Selling that has been tested and proven to work in many business sectors here in the UK and the US. This is a system that is not complicated and you can implement yourself.